Bachelor #1: Grey socks guy

This was not the first family to visit our house seeking a spouse for their child, but it sticks in my mind as the most memorable.

For all the wrong reasons. 

It started with a phone call between the parents. A mutual friend had found a bachelor seeking a bride and naturally, the parents got in touch. Everything seemed to work out splendidly, even so far as to find that the family was from a very similar background to ours. A guy raised in Britain but spoke our mother tongue – AMAZING!

My parents were thoroughly excited by this and we got the whole house prepared. Menus were sorted out for the guests, the house was beautified with fresh flowers and unfortunately, that wasn’t the only thing they had their eye on improving.

It was ME!

At first, I refused all their attempts at getting my family and friends to find a stylist for my hair, go for a facial treatment or even purchase a new outfit.

What’s wrong with the way I aaaaammm?! I whined each and every day.


But eventually, I relented enough to get a new outfit and apply some make up. I don’t mind looking beautiful, but to dress up just for a guy – it felt weird and oddly fake. Like an act that we were all putting on. I also resented the fact that I spent almost £50 for just sandals to wear! A completely ridiculous price… but I swallowed it down to make a good impression.

Anyway, I was upstairs getting ready, applying my make-up and styling my hair as carefully as I could. I am an absolute beginner at applying make-up, but I think I turned up all right.

I am self-conscious about my feet so I was applying creams to them and then, the doorbell rang.

They were here!

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Finding Mr. Darcy;

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” – Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen

Ah, hello! Welcome to this blog! You must be wondering what kind of a person would use such an ostentatious title, right? Well, this little chutney dish has been in the grinding for a long, long time…

Basically, rishta is the hindi/urdu word for relationships. However, it has become synonymous in the Indo-Pak Asian community for a potential match. And that is exactly what my parents are up to now – hence the reason for The Rishta Diaries.

We are inviting a host of suitable matches into our house to get to know them better.

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Yes- I can hear your collective gasps from all the way over here. And yes. Such a thing does occur where parents hunt search for the potential spouses their children will meet.

In my reserved and traditional family, we often looked for matches among our cousins- however due to several drama-y betrayals, my parents have made progress and started looking for matches outside!



But now, every guy is under scrutiny for me. Poor guy.

And to cope with the awkwardness, I will write about each visit and post a verdict.

So… happy hunting– I guess?